7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

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7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

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Search Engine Optimization is an included and strategic process, yet few out of every odd SEO change you make should be a troublesome update. Founding little yet essential fixes and changes can importantly affect your rankings.

Here are some genuinely basic changes we suggest making through the span of the year.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

1. Optimize Your Titles & Headings

First of all make sure that your target keywords are mentioned in your page title tags.

Are you already doing this? Then update any old page titles that were created before you began incorporating keywords into your titles.

If your H1 tags are different from your others titles, then make sure that they mention your target keywords as well, if perhaps a slightly different variation on them.

Including secondary keyword targets in your H2 and H3 subheadings.

2. Use a Mobile-Friendly Theme

It should be an old news for most of you, but if your website isn’t mobile-friendly in 2019, this needs to change immediately.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

Are you using a CMS? Update to an mobile-friendly theme, Otherwise, have your developer update your website so that it uses responsive design.

3. Repurpose Your Content By Creating Hub Pages

Create a hub page for your every top-level keyword your website is targeting by repurposing the information you have collected in all of your shorter, more targeted blog posts.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019
7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

Complete all of the information from your long-tail blog posts into a list of summaries that address the entire concept as a whole.

4. Implement a Keyword-Oriented Hierarchical Taxonomy

Please update your new hub pages with links for deeper dives on pages that cover long tail keywords.

On the off chance that your hub page can go about as a progression of synopses of littler, more focused on blog posts, joining them together into a durable entire, and connecting to the subpages for additional inside and out data.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

Each subpage would then be able to go about as a center page that connects to much more profound pages focusing on significantly longer tail watchwords. Each subpage ought to likewise interface back to its center page.

It’s ideal if this is done both through the route and through logical connections inside the substance itself. This can be cultivated just by refreshing by refreshing your current substance and the route.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

5. Enhance Site Credibility

    Trust is an important substance to long term SEO success, so take exact steps like these to enhance your credibility:

  1. Make design a top priority.
  2. Make your contact info readily available.
  3. Leverage social proof.
  4. Publish privacy and terms of use policies.
  5. Use trust seals, symbols, and badges.
  6. Avoid intrusive ads.
  7. Don’t use generic stock photos.
  8. Proofread.
  9. Humanize your brand.
  10. Showcase your site security.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

6. Identify Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

Using SEMrush or a same tool, lets identify keywords that you are already ranking fairly well for, such as On the second page of Google, without explicitly targeting.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

Update your all pages to explicitly target these keywords, change them into “hub pages” for those keywords, and write subpages that go more in-depth on the topic.

7. Use a Related Content Plugin

A related content plugin will be added new links to the bottom of your blog posts so that relevant pages elsewhere on your site can easily be found.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019

The reduces the chances of users returning to the search results and stay on your site instead, which can be improved rankings and increased conversions and user loyalty.


Every SEO strategy can be benefited from low-effort, high-impact fixes.

Use these tweaks to give your site a boost against the competition in the search results on google.

Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned and have fun with SEO.

7 Simple Effective SEO Tweaks in 2019


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