How to Create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger

On Pgae SEO 2019 How to Create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger website blog posts.Don’t forget to be with BDedunews for more updated features.

How to Create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger

Hello readers. Do you want to know that How To Create Automatic Internal Links in Blogger Website Posts? Are you searching for this?

How to Create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger On page SEO 2019
How to Create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger On page SEO 2019

Then you are in the right place.
You can read the post. You will be benifited from this post. For the beginners, I am writting this post so deeply and more easier then others websites.
Hope you are enjoyed this post.

Let’s start by saying no.

First of all you have to do, Download and Copy the free CSS internal linking script:-

CSS Internal Linking Script

Then click on the Theme of your blogger website.

If you open the page, press Ctrl F. Then a pop up search window will open in front of you. Must enter it here < /head> and press Enter. Then, the very carefully copied code should be pasted on the < /head> tag.

Then again delete the text < /head> from the Pop up Search bar and then type < data: post.body /> .

Download and Copy the free HTML internal linking script:->

HTML Internal Linking Script

If there is one target focus on the search result then it is good, and if there is more than 1 results then there is no reason to get frightened. Just paste the html code copied above the last tag.

Well, it worked.
If you have done everything properly, Inshallah it will create Automatic Internal Link in Your Blogger Posts.

Do you Know What is Internal Linking?

Internal – When we wanted to linked one of our own posts to another own post, it will be called internally because we do not linked any other website or blog here.

Links – The best approach to include two blog post for which you add a post URL to another blog post or other it is called Links.

Why do you insert internal links?

Interior Links On Page is held under SEO in light of the fact that you do this work on your site, so in the event that you need to make Perfect On-Page SEO on your blog, at that point you should utilize inside connections with the goal that you have a few advantages:-

  1. Traffic Increase in your old article.
  2. Visitors also get information about your other related articles.
  3. By importing internal links, the search engine gives importance to your blog post. It will be ranked so fast as well.
  4. You can describe your topic very well by importing internal links in one post.

On Page SEO 2019 Video How to create Automatic Internal Linking On Blogger Website Blogs Posts

Video credit goes to Techno Vedant youtube channel.


Hope you guys are enjoyed this post. If there is confusion about this post configuration, don’t be afraid to drop a comment. Because comment section is absolutely free.

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