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SSC Agriculture Studies Suggestion 2019 [PDF Download]

SSC Agriculture Studies Suggestion 2019 [PDF Download]

SSC Agriculture Studies suggestion 2019 for all education board. In SSC exam suggestion 2019 all subject [pdf download], we gave words about Agriculture suggestion 2019.

I guess you already informed that SSC exam 2019 will start on 2nd February 2019 with Bangla 1st paper.

There is 8 general education board in Bangladesh. The SSC routine 2019 is same for all the boards. But, the final exam question is different for the individual board. Don’t worry. Our provided suggestion is common for all board.

SSC Agriculture Studies Suggestion 2019 for All Education Board

When you read this post, you are almost near to the examination. One day pass means one day closer to the SSC exam.

Are you ready to sit the exam?

Or, What about your Agriculture Studies final preparation?

Whatever the situation no need to panic. We are always trying to help you.

Be positive. Still, we have some time. Isn’t it?

Wholeheartedly welcome to the resultkit.com and find the SSC Agriculture Studies suggestion [pdf download].

SSC Agriculture Studies Suggestion 2019 [PDF Download]
SSC Agriculture Studies Suggestion 2019 [PDF Download]


SSC Agriculture Studies Question Pattern

In Bangladeshi educational system, there is a 3-tired education level.

  1. Primary level
  2. Secondary level
  3. Higher Secondary level.

As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, the subject of Agriculture Studies is taught at every education level. We will discuss more in the next segment.

Now let’s talk about question pattern. Although Agriculture Studies is starting from the primary level, question pattern is different in each level.

There is 3 part in the SSC Agriculture Studies.

Part 1: Written Exam (40 marks)

Part 2: MCQ Test (35 marks)

Part 3: Practical (25 marks)

Note: If you belong to the science group you may also like Physics suggestion, Chemistry suggestion, Biology suggestion, and Higher Mathematics suggestion.

Higher Study Opportunity in Agriculture Studies

This segment is only for gather knowledge, not related to the SSC final examination. So, if you want you can read or skip anyway.

You know Mymensing Agricultural University is the largest public (Government) University in Bangladesh. Sylhet Agricultural University, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University are also fully public (Government) specialized Agricultural University.

I have a reason of mentioning the Agricultural Universities name. The reason is giving understand the opportunity of higher study in Agriculture Studies.

Rapidly expand Agriculture based job opportunity in our country. So, there is no way of negligence regarding SSC Agriculture Studies.

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