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SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019
Today we are going to provide the SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019. For your kind information, English 1st paper suggestion for SSC Exam 2019 is available on our website. SSC English 1st Paper Short Suggestion 2019

In this post, we also provided SSC English 2nd paper syllabus and marks distribution according to NCTB. English is the compulsory subjects for all the SSC candidates. Individual groups have the specific subject. But English is the common subject for all the students. This English is divided into two parts. SSC English 1st Paper Short Suggestion 2019 and English 2nd Part.

We have details individual post for SSC English 1st Paper Short Suggestion 2019

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

Syllabus and Marks Distribution of SSC English 2nd Paper
Do you know the marks distribution of SSC English 2nd paper?

SSC English 2nd paper has two parts. First one is Grammar. It contains 60 marks. The second part is Composition. It contains 40 marks. Total 100 marks.

Now see the below marks distribution.

Grammar (Question No. 1-11): 60 marks

01. Prepositions/Articles/Parts of Speech(with clues)…………….. 5 marks

02. Prepositions/Articles/Parts of Speech (without clues)……… 5 marks

03. Table ……………………………………………. 5 marks

04. The right form of verbs ……………. 5 marks

05. Narration/Indirect speech ……….. 5 marks

06. Transformation ………………………… 10 marks

07. Completing Sentences ……………… 5 marks

08. Add Suffix or Prefix ……………………. 5 marks

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

09. Tag Questions …………………………….. 5 marks

10. Sentence Connectors/Linking Words ……. 5 marks

11. Punctuation and Capitalization ………………. 5 marks

Composition (Question No. 12-15): 40 marks

01. Writing CV ……………………………………. 8 marks

02. Application/E-mail writing ………. 10 marks

03. Paragraph Writing …………………….. 10 marks

04. Short Composition ……………………. 12 marks

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

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SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

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Let’s have a look at SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019.

Prepositions/Articles/Parts of Speech (with clues)/Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.

The text in the gap filling activity is separate and complete. It is the very first question of SSC English 2nd paper. The text for this item will have a meaningful context too. There will be ten gaps in the text. The gaps can be used for article, preposition, or any other parts of speech without verb as there is a separate test for it.

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

1. between, saying, physically, of, on, an, personality, for, participation, beneficial

Sports are very essential (a) — us. There are various types (b) — sports. Among them cricket, football, volleyball, swimming etc. are very popular. All types of sports are (c) — to us. There is a relation (d) — the body and the mind. ‘A sound mind resides in a sound body, ‘is a wise (e) —. In order to win success in life, we should have sound health which depends (f) — regular (g) — in games and sports. Sports keep us (h) — fit. Sports and exercise have (i) – important influence in forming one’s (j)—.

Answer: (a) for (b) of (c) beneficial (d) between (e) saying (f) on (g) participation (h) physically (i) an (j) personality

2. recover, attempt, the, away, by, a, at, into, failed, greatly

There was (a) — king who lost his kingdom being defeated (b) — his enemies. He wished to regain his kingdom (c) — any cost. He made troops and made six attempts one after another to drive (d) — the enemies. But he was defeated each time He hid (e) — a cave. One day lying in (f) — cave, he saw a spider trying to climb up the roof of the cave. But it (g) — six times and succeeded at the seventh (h)—.The king was (i) — inspired by this and fought enemies for the seventh time and was successful too (j) — his lost kingdom.

Answers: (a) a (b) by (c) at (d) away (e) into (f) the (g) failed (h) attempt (i) greatly (j) recover

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

3. the, preservation, growth, from, for, a, in, out

SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019
SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019

Students should observe (a) — laws of health. They should rise (b) — the bed early (c) — the morning and go (d) — for (e) — walk. Besides these, they should take care to perform all those things which are useful for the (f) — of health. They should take part in games and sports regularly. These are essential (g) — their physical and natal (h) —. They should also follow (i) — rules of health because health is (j) — root of all happiness.

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

Answer: (a) the (b) from (c) in (d) out (e) a (f) preservation (g) for (h) growth (i) the (j) the

Table (Question No – 3) for English 2nd Paper

It’s a grammar test item. It tests whether students can make grammatically correct sentences following any particular structure. It’s different from matching item.

In matching, there might be an equal number of texts in each column in a table and students need to make sentences using a text from each column.

In designing the test item, the question setter can write the texts in Column A in a way so that the sequential arrangement of the text makes a context.

In a substitution table, depending on marks, there will be 4 or 5 texts in the left column, 1 or 2 grammar words that show the form in the middle column, and extensions at the right column.

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

Each meaningful sentence made using the texts and lexical word will have credit.

See the below most important topic for substitution table for SSC English 2nd paper suggestion.

01. Newspaper

02. Paper

03. Mother Teresa

04. Education

05. Kazi Nazrul Islam

06. The Taj Mahal/ Emperor Shahjahan

07. Shelley

08. Socrates

09. Robinson Crusoe

10. Marco Polo

11. Einstein

12. Aristotle

13. Unemployment

14. Water

15. Alexander Fleming/Penicillin

16. Hamlet

17. Corruption

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

18. The Egyptians

19. Smoking

20. Mount Everest

21. Stephen Hawking

22. The noble Prize

23. The Olympic Games

24. Shylock

25. Television/Computer

26. Character

Writing (Question No – 12)

01. For the post of Public Relation Officer.

02. For the post of a System Analyst.

03. For the post of Senior Computer Operator.

04. A CV with cover letter for the post of Teacher.

05. For the post of Marketing Manager.

06. For the post of a Junior Officer in Bank.

07. For the post of an Editor.

Writing (Question No – 13)
Application for –

01. Study tour/excursion.

02. T.C.

03. Setting up a computer club.

04. A seat in the school hostel.

05. Increasing library facilities.

06. A testimonial.

07. A full-free studentship/ poor fund.

08. Setting up a common room.

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

09. Short leave/early leave.

10. Sinking a tube-well.

11. Repairing a damaged road/bridge.

12. Remission of delay fine.

13. Organizing cultural function.

14. Relief for the flood-affected people.

15. Opening a charitable dispensary.

Writing (Question No – 13)

01. Congratulation to a friend on his brilliant success.

02. Inviting a friend to join Birthday PArty/Thanking for a gift on your birthday party.

03. Congratulating to your friend on his achievement.

04. Preparation of coming exam.

05. Inviting a friend to join the picnic.

06. Return the book.

07. COndolence of his father’s/ mother’s death.

08. Annual prize giving a ceremony.

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

09. Inviting him to attend the wedding ceremony.

10. Asking the suggestion.

11. For sending the lessons taught in the last class.

12. For taking steps against antisocial activities.

Writing ( Question No – 14)

01. Tree Plantation

02. A day laborer

03. A school Magazine

04. A book fair

05. Traffic JAm

06. A tea stall

07. Environment pollution

08. The life of a farmer

09. A street accident

10. Our National Flag

11. A school Library

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

12. A winter morning

13. Mobile phone/Smartphone

14. A street hawker

15. Climate change

16. A bus station/A railway station

17. The Postman

18. Your Hobby

19. May Day

Writing (Question No – 15)

01. Wonders of Modern Science/Science in Everyday Life

02. Your aim in life/Your future plan of life

03. The game you like most


05. Digital Bangladesh

06. The duties of a student

07. Computer/Television

08. Physical Exercise

09. Tree plantation

10. Population problem of Bangladesh

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

11. Discipline

12. A journey by boat/Train

13. My Childhood Memories

14. The season you like most

15. A village doctor

16. A village fair

17. Floods in Bangladesh

SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019

SSC English 2nd paper is the most convoluted subject for class 9 and class 10 students. Various things ought to be gone to in the paper. Many students are facing problems in making SSC English 2nd paper suggestion.

Every year a plenty of students got unexpected GPA due to the bad score in English 2nd paper. To overcome this problem and to make splendid SSC result one student should follow the SSC Suggestion English 2nd Paper.

In this context, we recommend you to follow our SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2019. It is the most effective and powerful English 2nd Paper Suggestion. You will get an idea of the board exam question pattern and will get common maximum questions from our suggestion.

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